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For the dream of coffee

Mondul C.T's technical team of coffee and Master Graciano have spent 3 months carefully planning
A perfect exploration tour that is now ready to set off...

An exploration of coffee flavors A deep survey tour of Central and South American is going to set off.

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The 1st Stop- Chiriqui Province, Panama

After 36-hour flying, the group will arrive Boquete District.
Who will present information of a variety of coffee to establish initial collaboration with Mondul C.T

The 2nd Stop- Boquete, the origin at Volcan Baru

Boquete, Panama's oldest and the most famous origin of coffee, is located at the mountain area with the height about 1,000-2,000 meters above sea level on the east side of Volcan Baru.
Volcan Baru, a valley formed by four major plates, is a special planting environment with fertile natural black volcanic soil, abundant rainfall, distinct dry and wet seasons; its uniquely blessed growing environment breeds Panama Geisha coffee bean that features a unique aroma.

The 3rd stop- Boquete, Kotowa Manor

Kotowa, a local American Indian language, means "high mountain".
Located 1,700 meters above sea level and next to Volcan Baru, on the west side of the valley Kotowa is a regular winner in coffee bean competitions. It also places great emphasis on ecology.
In 2006, it's awarded Panama's cleanest industry to the environment.

When it comes to the origin of Geisha coffee, how can you not taste Geisha Coffee's texture and aroma.
While tasting, people are thinking how to bring home such well-matured techniques of growing coffee trees and coffee bean processing as well as the record of everything about coffee.
In the future, Mondul C.T will surely allow people taste a unique, world-class coffee aroma…

The 4th stop-Boquete, the origin at Volcan Baru

Go back to the origin at Volcan Baru for continuously exploring Panama Geisha Coffee...

The 5th stop-Boquete, Elida Estate (Manor)

Elida Estate (Manor) is also located at Volcan Baru, and it has been awarded the Best of Panama for 5 consecutive years
It's only next to La Esmeralda (Manor), one of the famous manors in Boquete!

The 6th stop-Boquete, La Esmeralda

Finally, the group goes to Panama's most famous Manor, La Esmeralda
With uniquely blessed environment and raw bean processing techniques, the manor has made itself worldwide recognized, and it is also recommended and admired in the world of gourmet coffee. It has won innumerous awards worldwide, and it's renowned for its Geisha species

The 7th Stop- Jurutungo, at the border between Panama and Costa Rica

Follow the group to the deep valley for observing growing environment of coffee and changes in micro-weather.

The 8th stop- Volcán, Janson Coffee Farm

At such a quiet and beautiful environment, drink a cup of Geisha coffee
The moment of taste brings you unceasing sense of touching…
After settling the mood, it's a further study to understand and take notes of the operation of a coffee farm.

The 9th stop- Boquete, LAMASTUS FAMILY ESTATES

The Chairman of Panama Association of Gourmet Coffee will personally lead the team to a guide tour of the hundred-year-old manor, LAMASTUS FAMILY ESTATES

The last stop in Panama- Boquete, Bajo coffee bean wet processing plant

The last stop and the most important part of the tour
Come to Panama's largest wet processing plant for further understanding the entire wet process of washed coffee
In the environment filled with coffee aroma, let's make the tour end on a high note. 。

Take a deep tour visiting large coffee manor in Panama

Understand the planning and operation of a manor

Go deep into the mountain to study geographic environment, soil texture and subtle changes in weather

Take personal notes of everything in details

The survey tour of coffee admiration comes to a perfect ending.