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Expeditioners interested after reading the investment description:

1. Arrange for a five-day, four-night luxury on-site expedition to Cambodia (participants will pay $1,000 USD upfront to the travel agency cooperating with the company, and the travel agency will be responsible for the schedule and contact arrangements).

2. Those who decided on the small landlord investment plan during the expedition tour can sign an investment agreement with the company and open an account with PPCBank Phnom Penh Commercial Bank (*Note) in person. The bank will then issue a performance letter (temporary placement at the bank), and upon returning to Taiwan, transfer the payment at any bank to the designated special deposit. After the completion of the necessary procedures, the company will return the expedition payment of $1,000 USD payed by the investor.

3. To those who decided to invest while in Taiwan, if you are unable to go to Cambodia on an expedition immediately, you can first transfer the sum invested to the special deposit designated by PPCBank at any bank in Taiwan. The investors need to arrange time to go to Cambodia’s PPCBank to open an account in person, sign the investment agreement and performance letter, and complete the necessary procedures. Moreover, the investors should also arrange time for the expedition (the full cost is covered by the company).

4. The investors' annual rental income (guaranteed profit of 8%) is the guaranteed payment by PPCBank. When investors open an account, they need to open the PPCBank’s online banking function. When the time comes, the rental income can be transferred from the PPCBank network to the designated foreign currency account in Taiwan (the relevant handling fee is to be paid by the claimant). (*Note): PPCBank Phnom Penh Commercial Bank, registered account number: 00015794

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* If you have any question or want to know the detail, please contact Mondulcity office. Thank you!