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Taiwan's agricultural technology and creative marketing are universally recognized. Mondul C.T assembles Taiwan's top talents to establish the world's most fantastic professional team. From basic plantation, environmental testing, selection and breeding, plantation management, brand design, marketing, media promotion to financial planning and etc., Taiwan's management team spent time starting the preceding operation 2 years ago, thus officially establishing "Mondul C.T International Co., Ltd. and heading for a hundred-year-old coffee manor located at Central and South America to acquire collaboration and teamwork, thus connecting to the world.



Official Establishment of MONDUL C.T INT'L Co., LTD

Exhibitor of Taiwan Int'l Coffee Show


Groundbreaking Ceremony for Mondul C.T's plantation base

Establishment of Mondul C.T's Office of Administration in Taiwan



Started seedbed preparation for plantation base


Completed the positioning of plantation base, and started synchronous base preparation and construction of industrial roads


Installed pavement-watering system on plantation base, and built screen-house for transplantation of seedling


The first-ever Issue of Mondul City

Comprehensively implemented census data collection of coffee in Cambodia for establishing a database

Planned and Designed the elevated wooden house at coffee manor

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Build a large processing plant

Establish a market entry barrier to monopoly the market for all acquisitions of raw beans.

Officially Certified License

Establish Coffee Training Academy that is the only one organization issuing the certified license

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Comprehensively promote the coffee-cup measuring system

Establish Coffee Training Academy / Implement coffee-cup measuring system

Plan and design a series of promotional campaigns
Promote Cambodia coffee

Actively attend coffee shows held worldwide/ Implement coffee-cup measuring system

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Establish Coffee Association

Integrate current coffee farmers/ Provide educational training/ Elevate raw bean production quality and output

Overall acquisition of coffee berries

Unify the establishment of market price mechanism/ Elevate average income of coffee farmers/ March forward to gourmet coffee manors

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