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The cultivation of the best of the top-class coffee

An original land with pureness- Mondulkiri is a small beautiful mountain town with countless breathtaking natural landscapes including magnificent waterfalls, endless mountain range, and infinite pine forests.
A place renowned for its lush forest hills, verdant landscapes, and stunning waterfalls has the largest territory in Cambodia, but is the province with the lowest population density. Its quiet and beautiful environment keeps the most complete and original appearance.


(Khmer language:មណ្ឌលគីរី ), which is an eastern province of Cambodia and bordered with Vietnam on its east and south sides, and Sen Monorom is its capital city.

Mondul- aggregation or surrounding
Kiri- mountain
Mondulkiri stands for a place surrounded by mountains and forests

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Natural Advantages

The most suitable place for planting Mondulkiri coffee has the potential of developing tourism business!

pure and clean rural fields

Fertile red soil

abundant water resources

stable weather condition

excellent geographic location